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Our 34 years of experience and testimonials speak for themselves.

Our clients and candidates are always willing to provide a genuine testimonial. Here is a list of just some of them that we've received in recent times.
"Dent-a-Find has a variety of positions suited to the dental profession their staff are only to happy to help you with your staffing needs."

Paula, temporary dental assistant
16 April 2018

“Thank you for being very helpful, professional and having my back throughout my time here in Ararat.”

Marize Jones, locum Hygienist
15 September 2017
 “I am Saujanya Manne, very pleased inform that the way you support your employees when they face stressful situations at their work area and the process of allotting the shifts is very impressive. I am thankful for this. I would like to acknowledge that I am very happy to work, if the shifts are available.”

Saujanya Manne, temporary dental assistant
13 September 2017

"I personally feel Dent-A-Find is doing a great job. They are so helpful and prompt with their services. I am lucky to have found them at the right stage of my career. I temp throughout Melbourne with the help of Dent-A-Find. They have been very kind in providing me work and I am genuinely very satisfied with their services. I would highly recommend Dent-A-Find to any practice/person."

Aditi, temporary dental assistant 
26 April 2018

“Thank you so much guys. I have been hired by the cosmetic and laser clinic Caulfield. I could not have achieved this if your team would not have given me an opportunity.”

Robina, Hygienist
14 September 2017

 “The team at Dent-A-Find are always friendly, always happy to accommodate our requirements and they provide us with fantastic staff.”

Emma, Australian Unity
15 February 2017

“I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the dentists at Brookvale are impressed with the knowledge level of the DA Staff that you sent there last week.  As they are quite picky I thought I would let you know that they have made a great first impression. The only thing that they could work on that was mentioned by Jo is their punctuality, as I understand sometimes things happen and we are all late once in a while I would hope that this was simply a issue with finding the centre and navigating the wonders of traffic that seem to engross Brookvale. Looking forward to great business relationship!”

 Melissah Heaven, Regional Manager HCF
9 May 2017

“I like using Dent-A-Find because their dental nurses are fantastic and very skilled. Dent-A-Find are very accommodating and are always willing to help us.”

Georgie, Plenty Valley Community Health
29 January 2017

You guys are a great team and very welcoming. Looking forward to working with the team.Many Thanks!!!” 

Mariam, temp candidate
9 December 2016

“Thank you very much for your lovely support! I am glad I found your agency and met you! I loved your friendly manner of talking very much!”

Senthil, temp candidate
9 December 2016

“Your service and candidates have been great. Anna O’Keefe has been great on reception as she has experience with Oasis which has allowed their receptionist to take breaks. Each candidate has been reliable and shown up on time.” 

Sarah, North Fitzroy Dental
2 December 2016
“Dent-A-Find are great to deal with because they are considerate to my needs, they are very accommodating and offer competitive pricing.”

Karleen, Smile Solutions
2 December 2016

“All the team at Amanda Lawrence Orthodontics would like to thank you for our box of treats that we received today that were for our second prize win of the Melbourne Cup sweep.”

Kylie Creelman, Practice Manager
9 November 2016

“It is with great enthusiasm that l write to you. I wish to acknowledge the exceptional service that l received from your recruitment officer Fiona Thomas. 

At all times l found her extremely professional, encouraging and supportive.  It has been an extremely pleasure dealing with her and l truly am appreciative for all her outstanding efforts.”

Zsuzsanna Palfi, Practice Coordinator
4 November 2016

“I would recommend Dent-A-Find to anyone. Excellent and friendly staff. I have been nothing but satisfied. Dent-A-Find is the first agency I have worked for and what an amazing job you do! And day after registering I was already working. Thank you for your help and support.”

Marco Cestari, temp worker
14 October 2016

“I would like to say how grateful I am to the professional attitude at Dent-A-Find. I came from back to Australia after my Europeans holiday and was desperate to find employment as a dental receptionist. I got a prompt call from Fiona, she arranged a meeting with me & got all the information from me, what my needs were & within a few days she arranged two fantastic job interviews for me. I was offered a job within two weeks. However I must add she worked hard for my position as she had to give me good reference so I could get an interview with the practice manager. 

It is so difficult for a man to get employed as a receptionist in this female dominated field. I was blessed to have such a prompt and efficient recruiting lady. I’m happy to recommend any one to Dent-A-Find agency for their future job. I will always keep your company and this lovely lady in my phone contact for my future job needs."

Darius, Contractor
27 October 2016
“Thank you guys for being so helpful with getting me work.”

Nicole Lloyd, Dental Assistant
18 October 2016

“The team at Dent-A-Find do go out of their way to help. They don’t give up. We rely on them for our staffing needs and enjoy their support.”

Peter King, Director: Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre
19 October 2016

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful service, guidance and encouragement in regards to my interview and now accepting the placement at Northern Dental Design. I have been thrilled to join their beautiful team. Thank you for your help in finding me such a position.”

Grace Villani, Front Desk Coordinator
12 October 2016

“Having to juggle work and children, I am very pleased will how helpful and understanding Dent-A-Find is.”

Natasha Austin, Candidate
7 October 2016

“Thank you for providing our practice with such great care and placement of wonderful temporary staff. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to all the staff, but in particular Jo and Sam. You have been amazing, patient and understanding. Keep up the good work ladies!”

Laura Puig, Hume Dental
13 October 2016

“I have known Dent-A-Find for the best part of 25 years. In that time I have done a lot temporary work, taken a couple of full time positions.

They have always been very good times and I have always been busy. The girls that work in the office do an amazing job and I know how hard they work.

Things don’t always go their way and I know its a very stressful job, but nothing is ever too hard and they are always so understanding. They have always helped me when I need help and given me work when ever I have needed it.

I could not recommend the agency high enough and I never think twice about where they send me. I love working for them.”

Julie Grah
7 October 2016

“Thank you for handling a successful placement of Paige to our specialist practice. I have appreciated your attention to detail and in particular the specific skills required of a surgical nurse. We do hope Paige has a long and successful working relationship with our team.”

Tania, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Melbourne
3 October 2016

“It is amazing working with Dent-A-Find. It has been two years now, I started in September 2014. Sam, Jo and all the girls are amazing, very helpful, always happy to go out of their way to help us out. Now I’m pleased to be able to train more DA’s to help Dent-A-Find grown even more and spread a high level of dental assisting knowledge.”

Shaun Shah, DA Trainer
13 September 2016

“You guys are able to deliver 99% of the time. You have come to my rescue many times at the ninth hour. Compared to other companies your reliability is far better.”

Albert Tong, Dentist Melbourne
29 August 2016

“I love working with you guys. I enjoy the flexibility and I’m always looked after. You guys bend over backwards to help.”

Carly Flinn, Temporary Dental Assistant
21 August 2016

“Thanks for your kind words and thanks also to everyone in the agency for all your help and support during these years. Very much appreciated for all the work that I’ve got through you and the freedom to manage time between work and studies. Without DentAfind during this time my goal would have been almost impossible to achieve. Special thanks to you Sam!, for your constant support and dedication, you are a true legend. Thanks Jo for believing in me. Thanks to all, Cheers!”

Oscar Buse, Locum Dentist
20 August 2016

“The staff at Dent-A-Find are an amazing and very supportive group to deal with. Over the past six months we have had the need for reliable and great quality Dental Assistant Temps. Dent-A-find have always lived up to their promise to communicate effectively and prioritise the needs of us as their client.

The staff at Dent-A-find would always get onto searching for the appropriate Temp to fulfill our needs and provide updates on their actions immediately.

Dent-A-find are my choice and will continue to be my choice for Dental Assistant Temps as I know I will get hassle free, reliable and quality Temps when I need them.”

Ivan Tadic, Practice Manager, Australian Unity Dental & Wellness Centre

“We had a situation at our clinic recently when another temp agency nurse cancelled 5 minutes before starting time. I quickly called Dent-A-Find, knowing their reliability in the past having worked for them as a dental assistant and used them as an agency for other clinics.

The staff are so lovely that I felt instantly calm when Sam answered the phone in her pleasant manner and more than relieved when they organised and sent a nurse within 30 minutes!

The nurses are not like your average temp staff that just come in and do a job, they are friendly and hardworking! I haven’t looked back and only hire temps from them now and couldn’t recommend them enough! No hassle, no disappointment and easy communication/booking!”

Olivia, Dental Practice Manager
Camberwell Junction Medical and Dental Clinic

“Dent-A-Find saved me time and money in recruiting our new practice manager. They kept me informed on a daily basis and didn’t give up until we found the right person.”

Sydney Practice

“I have temped all of my working life for several agencies. I find the team at Dent-A-Find to be so supportive. If I have a problem, they will go to any length to help me. Thank you Dent-A-Find for being so good!”

Julie, Temp staff Sydney

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