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01. We offer dental assisting refresher courses and updates on hygiene and infection control.

02. We screen our dental staff and encourage people to obtain police and working with children.

03. We offer a longer guarantee replacement period of six months – versus other agencies.

04. Dent-A-Find is a panel member to a number of national brands.

05. We are not a multi national and never will be. We are Australian owned and operated.

06. The owner of the business works actively in the business and knows every client and candidate.

07. We are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

08. The person who answers the phone, will solve your problem.

09. Our staff possess wonderful customer service qualities and extraordinary levels of commitment to getting the job done. We are passionate and also like to have fun at work.

10. We have 34 combined years of recruitment knowledge and experience.

11. Candidates are just as important as our clients. We are Australian owned and operated.

12. We work with candidates on advancing their career opportunities.

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Dent-A-Find is a member of the Recruitment Consulting Services Australia and we abide by the ethical standards set by the industry association.